Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Evernote for Photographers

I have written before how I use Evernote (free version) in my photography to save tutorials, images I like, ideas, etc. The folks at have a good article on using Evernote. It can be found here. Have a look. I find Evernote to be a big help.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Backlighting Existing Photo Prints

If you have a light table, you can use it to produce some interesting effects on existing printed images. The idea is to place your image on the table and photograph the image again - with the back light from the table. The photo print paper I use is thin enough to let some light through. I have used a texture print below the main print for a different look. Also, you can use multiple prints below the main print to block off a particular area on the main print for highlighting. You can come up with some interesting effects using this method.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Image Transfers on Metallic Poster Board

I was looking for something new to do with image transfers. I wanted something to give them a little kick. I think mounting them on metallic poster board did just that. Kicked them up a notch. BAM!

I make my transfers from color laser prints and Mod Podge. 4 or 5 coats.

I also used Mod Podge to attach them to the poster board and also added another coat.

Here are the results.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Image Transfer/Lift Look with Grafix Rub-onZ

I purchased 4 sheets of Grafix Rub-onZ with the intention of transferring a cone flower image to a piece of wood. I followed the directions but was surprised to find that when I put the film on the board and rubbed - nothing happened. I was trying to attached the non-sticky side to the wood. At this point, I gave up with the idea of using wood and wondered how I could make this work for paper. I coated a 5x7 matte card with Jade PVA glue and placed the film down on the paper. I rubbed with a bone folder to get as many of the air bubbles out as possible. I let it sit for a while. Then I peeled off the outer film exposing the sticky side. At this point, I thought I realized what I had done wrong. As I was peeling off the film, there were some tears and scratches - I liked the way it looked. The question was how to counter the sticky side up? I decided to try coating it with Jade PVA. This worked perfectly. The resulting image looks a lot like some of my emulsion lifts and I am happy with the results. I have repeated this process three times now. Actually, I have yet to use the Grafix Rub-onZ correctly.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Red River Paper 45lb Zeppelin SemiGloss Double Sided Inkjet Paper Review

The 45lb Zeppelin SemiGloss Double Side paper from Red River is a beautiful paper. The paper has a smooth luxurious feel. It prints very well on my Canon MG6200. I have just received this paper and I think I am going to love it for making photobooks. The paper is rather thin, but I see no bleeding from images on either side to the other. I have used only the 8.5x11 size.The paper is not super white. A very nice paper and highly recommended.